Outputting calculation results

Outputs the calculation results to the CGNS file.

The calculation result types that iRIClib can output are as follows:

  • One value for each time step

  • Value defined at grid nodes

  • Value defined at grid cells

  • Value defined at grid edges

  • Value defined at particles

  • Value defined at particles (groups supported)

  • Value defined at polygon or polydata

In case of outputting every types, you have to use the functions in Table 70 and Table 71.

Please refer to One value for each time step to Value defined at polygons or polylines for detailed procedure to output each types.

Table 70 Subroutines to use before and after outputting calculation result for each timestep




Checks whether user canceled solver execution


Starts outputting calculation result


Ends outputting calculation result

Table 71 Subroutines to output time and iteration count




Outputs time


Outputs iteration count


Vector quantities and scalar quantities

In iRIClib, the same subroutines are used to output vector quantities and scalar quantities.

When outputting vector quantities, output each component with names like "VelocityX" and "VelocityY".

Please note that if you use names whose last character is "X", "Y", or "Z", the value is not loaded properly by GUI, and user can not visualize the value. You can use lower case letters “x", "y", or "z" instead.


Special names for calculation results

For calculation results, iRIC defines special names, and when you want to output calculation result for certain purposes, you should use those names. Refer to Calculation results for those names.


Grid nodes, grid cells, and grid edges

For grid related values, now iRIClib has function to output values defined at grid nodes, grid cells and grid edges.

Basically, please select the functions so that you can output the values at the position where the variable is defined in your solver.

There is an exception: Please output vector quantities at grid nodes. If you output vector quantities at grid cells, iRIC GUI can not visualize arrows, streamlines or particles for that value.