Examples of calculation conditions, boundary conditions, and grid generating condition

Example of definitions of calculating conditions in solver definition files, grid generating condition if grid generating program definition file is shown in this section. The position to describe the definition differs like shown in Table 7, but the grammers are the same. Refer to Structure for the whole structure of each file.

Table 7 Position to define definition elements


Target file

Definition position

Calculation condition

Solver definition file

Under CalculationCondition element

Grid generating condition

Grid generating program definition file

Under GridGeneratingCondition element

The types of items available, are shown in Table 8. In this subsection, the followings are described fore each type:

  • Definition example

  • Example of the corresponding widget shown on calculation condition edit dialog in iRIC

  • Code example to load the values in solvers (or grid generating program).

In code examples to load the values, subroutines in iRIClib are used. Please refer to iRIClib to know more about iRIClib.

The examples only show the sample codes for loading, so please refer to Creating a solver, Creating a grid generating program to see examples of whole programs.

Table 8 Types of calculation conditions and grid generating conditions





Input string value

Specify \”string\” for valueType

File name (For reading)

Input file name for reading. Users can select only files that already exist.

Specify \”filename\” for valueType

File name (For writing)

Input file name for writing. Users can select any file name, including those does not exists.

Specify \”filename_all\” for valueType

Folder name

Input folder name.

Specify \”foldername\” for valueType


Input arbitrary integer value.

Specify \”integer\” for valueType

Integer (Choice)

Select integer value from choices.

Specify \”Integer\” for valueType, and define choises with Enumeration elements

Real number

Input arbitrary real number value.

Specify \”real\” for valueType


Input pairs of (X, Y) values.

Specify \”functional\” for valueType and define variable and value with a Parameter element and a Value element.

Functional (with multiple values)

Input trinity of (X, Y1, Y2) values.

Specify \”functional\” for valueType and define one Parameter element and two Value elements.

CGNS file name

Input CGNS file name for reading. Users can select only files that already e3xists.

Specify \”cgns_filename\” for valueType

Calculation result in CGNS file

Select the name of calculatioin result

Specify \””result_gridNodeReal\”” etc. for valueType”