Handling command line arguments in Fortran programs

When iRIC launches solvers (or grid generating programs), the name of calculation data file (or grid generating data file) is passed as an argument. So, solvers (or grid generating programs) have to process the file name and opens that file.

In FORTRAN, the functions prepared for handling arguments are different by compilers. In this section, functions for handling arguments are explained for Intel Fortran Complier.

Intel Fortran Compiler

Obtain the number of command line arguments using nargs(), and obtain the argument value using getarg().

List 111 Example source code for reading arguments for Intel Fortran Compiler
1icount = nargs()  ! The number includes the executable name, so if user passed one argument, 2 is returned.
2if ( icount.eq.2 ) then
3  call getarg(1, condFile, istatus)
5  write(*,*) "Input File not specified."
6  stop