Grid generating program is a program that load grid creating conditions and generate a grid. The program can be used seamlessly from iRIC as one of the grid generating algorithms.

To add a grid generating program that can be used from iRIC, it is necessary to make and deploy files shown in Table 4.

Grid generating program developers have to create a new folder under "private\gridcreators" folder, and deploy files related to the new grid generating program under that.

Table 4 Files related to grid generating programs

File name



Grid generating program definition file.


Executable module of the grid generating program. Developers can select any name.

translation_ja_JP.ts etc.

Dictionary files for a grid generating program definition file.


File that explains the grid generating program

Abstracts of each file are as follows:


File that defines the following information of grid generating programs:

  • Basic Information

  • Grid generating condition

iRIC loads definition.xml, and provides interface for creating grid generating conditions that can be used by the grid generating program. iRIC make the grid generating program available only when the solver supports the grid type that the grid generating program generate.

definition.xml should be written in English.

Grid Generating program

Executable module of a grid generating program. It loads grid generating condition, generate a grid, and outputs it.

Grid generating programs use grid generating data file created by iRIC, for loading and writing grid generating condition and grids.

Grid generating programs can be developed using FORTRAN, Python, C, or C++. In this chapter, a sample grid generating program is developed in FORTRAN.

translation_ja_JP.ts etc.

Dictionary files for a grid generating program definition file. It provides translation information for strings shown on dialogs in iRIC. Dictionary files are created one file for each language. For example, "translation_ja_JP.ts" for Japanese, "translation_ka_KR.ts" for Korean.


README is a text file that describes about the grid generating program. The content of README is shown in the "Description" area on [Select Grid Creating Algorithm] dialog].

Figure 26 shows the relationship between iRIC, grid generating program and related files.


Figure 26 The relationships between iRIC, grid generating programs, and related files

This chapter explains the steps to create the files described in this section.